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Washington State Patrol Trooper

If you are looking for work that provides meaning, purpose, satisfaction, and flexibility to accommodate work life balance needs; be part of an organization whose cause is to provide public safety for the entire state of Washington; work in teams with creative, innovative, and caring employees; opportunities for professional and personal growth that includes education tuition reimbursement, and rewards and benefits that would satisfy your intrinsic and extrinsic needs, then the Washington State Patrol has a career for you!

Position Purpose:
As general authority peace officers, Washington State Patrol Troopers uphold the Constitution of United States, Washington State constitution, laws, and statutes for the protection of its citizens.
Scope and Nature:
Works independently with minimal supervision to provide a range of police and safety services to the citizens and visitors of Washington State. Identifies and enforces traffic law violations in assigned geographical areas. Supports criminal prosecutions through the use of statutory arrest authority, search, investigation, and court proceedings. Expedites safe flow of traffic and assists with collision response and investigations. Provides assistance to motorists, emergency victims, the public, and governmental bodies. Serves on committees or assists with projects dedicated to topics such as public safety and crime prevention. Participates in specialty assignments and other duties as assigned.

  • Conduct active patrol of assigned area and respond to calls for service during day and/or night shift, to ensure assigned area has patrol coverage 24 hours/day, 7 days a week.
  • Observe and identify condition of vehicles to enforce compliance with laws, rules and regulations.
  • Use speed-measuring device to estimate speed of vehicles, identify suspicious behaviors and deception, etc.
  • Conduct proper, safe, and high-risk traffic stops or contacts, including issuing verbal warnings, tickets, or effecting arrests, take appropriate enforcement action for violations.
  • Operate patrol vehicle under normal and emergency situations while handling multiple tasks (observing, listening, reading, communicating on radio, etc.).
  • Perform high-risk vehicle maneuvers including pursuit immobility techniques (PIT) maneuvers, road blocks, and deployment of spike strips to stop fleeing vehicles.
  • Pursue potential violators or other persons with patrol vehicle or on foot.
  • Visually and physically search suspects and vehicles for weapons, paraphernalia, contraband, or evidence of crimes.
  • Communicate with persons in emotional states (hysterical, intoxicated, suicidal, etc.).
  • ldentify impairment and perform alcohol and drug impairment sobriety tests on subjects.
  • Detain/arrest subjects with handcuffs or other restraints.
  • Inform violators of violations and legal procedures.
  • Use appropriate force to protect life, property, and restore order.
  • Clear roadway from disabled cars, debris, damaged cars, and other traffic hazards to expedite flow of traffic and highway safety.
  • Assist stranded, disabled, or injured motorists by changing tires, arranging for tow trucks, jump starting cars, etc.
  • Inspect and maintain operability of issued equipment (e.g., gun, laser, flashlight, uniform, vehicle parts).
  • Provide manual traffic control at events or as needed.
  • Transport persons in patrol vehicle (citizens, suspects, etc.).
  • Coordinate towing and storage of vehicles.
  • Assume control and direct law enforcement personnel and the public at collision/incident scenes until relieved by superior officer.
  • Respond to critical incidents and civil disorder to protect life, property, and restore order. May also be called to duty to support critical incident response, which may occur 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Physically remove persons from dangerous situations.
  • Survey extent of damage and/or injuries at scene and collect, preserve, and document evidence of potential crimes according to procedure.
  • Investigate collisions, misdemeanors, felonies, and suspected criminal activity.
  • Maintain court-related knowledge (case law, procedural law, penal code, etc.).
  • Obtain and serve arrest warrants and book violators according to procedure.
  • Interview persons (suspects, witnesses, etc.) and research to collect facts and information for investigations.
  • Document evidence and situations for reports of investigation (write, diagram, perform basic math calculations, etc.).
  • Testify in court regarding criminal arrests, collision investigations, infractions.
  • Administer basic emergency first aid to victims.
  • Notify next of kin and other persons when loss of life occurs.

The WSP has four phases to our hiring process.
 Phase 1: Physical fitness test and written test (Conducted by Public Safety Testing)
 Phase 2: Polygraph
 Phase 3: Background Investigation, Oral Interview
 Phase 4: Psychological test, Psychological Interview w/ Psychologist, Medical exam

Minimum Requirements:
  • Be a United States Citizen or a Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States of America
  • Be 19½ years old at time of application
  • Possess a current, non-probationary, and non-restricted valid driver's license
  • Possess a Washington State driver's license and maintain such licensure during employment with WSP
  • Possess a high school diploma from a state sanctioned and recognized school, GED, or associates or higher from an accredited college
  • Successfully pass a pre-employment polygraph examination
  • Successfully pass a comprehensive background investigation
  • Successfully pass a departmental medical examination
  • Successfully pass a departmental psychological examination
  • Be willing and able to work weekends, holidays, rotating shifts, and be on 24-hour call
  • Be free from the use of narcotics or controlled substances
  • Be willing to accept statewide assignments
  • Current military personnel must be within six (6) months of your ETS date. Please contact the WSP Human Resource Division (HRD) if you have any questions.